Sunday, August 5, 2012

Len's Layered Like Lasagna

Today, my daughter (who I happen to call Leonard, Lenny, or Len) had a great idea to take the Gettin' Sauced Carrot Sauce to make lasagna. I came up with alternating the carrot sauce AND the Soychamel.

Thankfully, Peapod had Tinkyada's lasagna noodles. The weather was horrible last night so I did not go shopping (why go out when someone can bring everything we need to the front door).

We added the edamame (puréed), of course, in the Soychamel layer.

We left out any cheese substitute since I can't eat it and Len has stopped eating it. My son, Bub, will put some Daiya Mozzarella on his lasagna though.

Can't wait to make, eat, and share photos with you!

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