Thursday, November 15, 2012

Next week...

During one of the biggest weeks for food lovers, Thanksgiving, I will be in a hotel in Rochester, MN getting eval for the things that ail me at Mayo Clinic.

While I am happy to be offered an appointment (after only about 6 pages of my records out of the 154 I tried to fax), I will be sorry to miss Thanksgiving!

I am going to try like hell to post some good stuff over the weekend!  I plan on making ahead a few things for the boys that will be home for the holiday.

One of Leonard's roommates lives in Rochester and she is going home for the holiday.  Len is going to hitch a ride with her and her family and meet me in Rochester for a couple days!  She is my champion so I am happy to have her there with me.  I will be traveling with my mom so it will be a girls trip.

Not hanging any hopes or expectations on this visit.  I am treating it as it is... a doctor's appointment. Simple.

I will take plenty of rice cakes and peanut butter, Peanut Butter Button Cookies, and Silk Soy!

I may post updates here if I can myself an iPad before I go.  It is really necessary that I get one!  LOL!!!

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