Saturday, January 12, 2013

Common household item uses

I have used baking soda as a facial scrub for a long time.  I hate putting new things on my body, especially my face, because I react with rashes to most everything.  Even things I don't put on my face give me a rash on my face!  I am pretty vain I guess because I hate that!

My daughter read that baking soda is also good to use periodically on your hair.  She just shakes some on the shampoo in her hand before applying on her head.  I do this too now.  It feels especially good after a workout or being outdoors a lot (which I try not to do).  Indoor person!

I found a great body lotion while at Mayo.  VaniCream Lite.  No dyes or fragrance and no bad smell because there is a lack of fragrance. The lotion I was using before smelled like band aids. Not a good way to make you feel good about yourself.  If I can't use all the lovely Bath and Body Works scents and sprays, at least I don't have to smell like band aids instead!  It is over the counter but usually on shelves behind the pharmacy counter. My Target did not have it. They had other products in the line but not the lotion.  I ended up ordering it from  Came in 2 days. Happy, better smelling me!

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