Saturday, June 29, 2013

Muchos Gracias Nachos

Bid D and Bub installed the new cabinets under the kitchen sink today!!!!!  I'm so excited to have the crappy stuff out of there.  The counter is level.  It doesn't try to fall off when leaned on.  I have more storage.  And it looks so much better!

I threw this together for my Bub!

Beanito's Black Bean chips
Vegan refried beans (we use Bearito's)
Daiya Cheese
Haas avocado purée

Dump a load of chips on a large plate or platter safe for microwave.  Spoon the beans evenly over the tops. Add the cheese next.  Top with spices if you like.  I used cayenne, cumin, and chili powder.  Microwave on 30% power for 3 minutes then 25 seconds on full power.

Add the olives and avocado.

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