Friday, April 4, 2014

Evaporated Soymilk

I was curious when I saw an Instagram post of Rick Bayless'.  It was for rice flour mamons.  I was like...  Rice flour?  I eat rice flour!

After some research though, I see that this Filipino sponge cake commonly calls for lots of eggs.  Eggs?  I don't eat eggs!

I did, however, see evaporated milk and a steamer being used to make these with NO eggs.

Steamer?  I have a steamer!

Jennie has been craving steamed buns too.  Since I'll be seeing her tomorrow (to pick up her new glasses) I thought this the perfect time to try something new.

I've made evaporated milk in the past using Soymilk a very long time ago but I've never tried making steamed cakes before.

The first step is making this evaporated Soymilk.  I used Very Vanilla Soymilk since I'm making CAKE!

Basically, you'll want to start with double the amount of milk of however much evaporated you need.  I need 1/2 cup evaporated so I started with one cup.

In order to gauge if I've got about half evaporated I used a wooden spoon handle, ruler, and a knife to score.  Have these three things handy when getting started.

Pour your Soymilk in a heavy saucepan.  I'm using a very small one since the amount of Soymilk I need is not a lot.  Dip the end of a wood spoon handle in the center of the pan, giving it a second or two to stain the wood so you can measure it.

Measure the fill line and then calculate half of that.  Score the wooden spoon handle at the halfway mark with your knife.  This score line will be your gauge to tell you when half your Soymilk has evaporated and will tell you that you're done simmering.

Scraping constantly with a silicone spatula, heat the Soymilk on medium high until just boiling.  Reduce heat to a low, low simmer.  When the Soymilk has come down to temperature you can scrape and stir every two or three minutes as it simmers. 

For my one cup, it took about 20 minutes of slow simmering to achieve 1/2 cup of evaporated milk.  I was able to see this with my scored spoon handle dipped into the center of the pan.

Remove from heat.  As the Soymilk cools, a skin will form over the top.  Just lift this off and discard.  Store in the fridge until ready to use.

Until tomorrow...

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