Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Gotta Love You Less Potato Alternative

Eating a soft diet is still necessary for me.  Not only do I have digestive diseases. I now have braces.

While I love eating potatoes in many forms, I know I shouldn't for a variety of reasons (risk of diabetes, too many calories, too many carbs, not enough nutrients).

I'm trying to pack healthy lunches and here's a quick one!

1 bag frozen shelled edamame
Enough water to cover in the pot
Bragg's Liquid Aminos
Black pepper
Peanut butter

Put the edamame, some Bragg's and pepper to taste in a pot.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce the heat and simmer the edamame with the lid on until tender.  Do not drain.  Purée with immersion blender or in a blender or food processor.  Stir in enough peanut butter to thicken to desired texture.

You can add ginger, garlic, or other spices too!  You can even put a rice cake in the bottom of your bowl before spooning or ladling on the purée. 

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