Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cold Brew Coffee

An early Mom's Day gift from the kids gave me the best lattes I've ever had today!  Allegro Coffee is full of flavor when brewed in my French press but this.... THIS... this is completely amazing.

You need 12 ounces of coarse ground coffee beans, 7 cups of cold, filtered water, and 12-24 hours.  I use La Duena beans by Allegro which is a medium roast that is a sweet and chocolately coffee.

You basically layer the coffee beans and water, allow it to sit, filter it into a glass pitcher with an airtight lid, and enjoy over two weeks. The result is a coffee concentrate that is smooth and intensely flavored.

The kit Jen and Bub got for me is Toddy brand.  It requires no electricity (after the coffee beans are ground) and it is super easy.

I tried to drink it straight up to get the true flavor first and, apparently, I'm not woman enough.  But, a shot poured into hot soymilk is so smooth, rich, and creamy.  I always take an iced latte to work too and drink it mid-morning.  Today, when I sipped from my straw, I was knocked out by the flavor. Much wow.

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