I live in suburban Chicago with the supportive hubby, our two incredibly wise young adult children, and our super adorable cats!  We all love cats.  We all love food!

The kids and I have multiple food allergies and intolerances.  We also have a variety of auto immune and autonomic disorders, and "invisible" diseases.

Food is a huge part of family and traditions.  Over the past 20+ years, we have created fond (and maybe not so fond) memories through our cooking and baking adventures.  Having to avoid certain foods, it is not always easy to make a holiday or special event feel special through food.  We make it work.  We have fun trying new things.  We rejoice at our culinary successes and laugh at our failures, and eat them anyway!

Recipes and tips here will ALL be gluten free and largely vegan.  I post only tried and true recipes.

I am the weekend warrior of cooking and baking.  I accept the challenge of turning everyday recipes into gluten free and vegan options.

I may get knocked down once in a while but better me than you right?  If I can get it to work, you will find it here.  If it is a failure twice, you won't see it here (damn you GF/vegan waffles).

You can also follow me and find me at:

 The Sioux Chef


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