Breads (Quick and Yeast)

Gluten free and vegan breads made with yeast are made differently than other breads.  You only want them to rise once and you don't want to leave them rising for long periods of time.

Double rising makes them taste a little like cheese and it also ruins the texture.  Allowing them to rise too long really makes a bread that will be dry and strange.  I can't describe it really.  If you ever let a gluten free yeast dough rise too long, it looks like there is nothing left of it but air.

When the dough rises, it will be slightly larger than before the rise.  It will still give you an indentation when you press your finger on top.

Follow each of my recipes on when to rise the dough.  Almost always, I shape then rise but there may be some that will rise in the bowl, shape and then bake.

I find that preheating your oven while you are making the dough is helpful.  You can place the dough, covered with plastic wrap and a towel, on top of the warm stove to rise.  Handy!

Also, just learning that storing GF yeast breads in air tight containers ruins them for next day consumption.  Loose foil wrapping has bed working off me!

Fried Dough For Fest Weekends

A Loaf (of Bread) To Love

Stuck On The Couch Dreamy Edamame Bread

Back to Bananas Bread

Steamy Wow Buns

Slam Dunk Potato Bread

Unseasonal Carrot Pancakes for Leddy

Twin Fritters Don't Ya Know

Dreamy Cinnamon Rolls

Griddle Me Bread

General Dough for Pizza or Sweet Rolls

Can Do Biscuits

Wrap It Up... I'll Eat It

Holy Crepe

Ego Trip English Muffins

Farewell Focaccia

These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

Can Do Biscuit Make Over

Darn Quick Dinner Rolls

Naan Envy

Looks Aren't Everything Loaf

Super Modified Classic Cuisinart White Bread
Potatoes Hortono Cakes

Jack and Sally Lunn Buns

Po-TAY-Toe Rolls

Golden Cinnamon Biscuits


  1. I am so happy I found your website! What is the"gf baking mix" that you use in your recipes? We cannot have corn or gluten also I cannot buy most gf flour mixes ( they use sorgum flours or corn starches) Do your recipes use a commercial mix or do you use your own mix?

    1. Here is my baking mix! I mix it myself and never stray. I'm done experimenting. This works. It doesn't make us sick. It tastes good. We are also corn free here! I hate that so many gluten free things are loaded with corn starch.

    2. Fantastic, thanks so much! This is similar to what I use too :) Can hardly wait to start trying out some of your recipes!